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Crusader Templar Swords
The Knights Templar or the Order of the Temple or simply Templars were the most famous military order that existed for about two centuries during the Middle Ages. Templar knights were famous from their Crusades - which were military campaigns with sole purpose to protect Christian pilgrims traveling to Holy Land. Our crusader swords are the same style as the ones used by the Knights Templar.
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Steel Crusader Templar Sword

Each Knights of the Round Table Sword has a individually hand cast solid steel guard and pommel and a dark ebony wood grip.The hand forged blade is 2" wide by 26" long. Overall length of 37-1/2". Leather sheath included. Item #2004
The Crusader Templar Sword

The stylish guard is made of hand-cast solid brass as is the beautiful octagon pommel depicting the Crusader's Cross. The grip is made of polished ebony. Black leather over wood sheath included. Blade: 1-1/4"W x 27"L. Overall length 36". Item #2003