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Pirate Swords
Our pirate sword collection consists of many typical pirate swords or cutlasses including the Dusage cutlass, British naval cutlass, studded brass cutlass or the typical and most often seen in use by the Pirates, the Stage Steel Pirate cutlass sword. These pirate swords are perfect addtion to any pirate costume or outfit.
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Pirate Cutlass Sword

This incredible Ritter Steel pirate cutlass sword is a real bounty to behold! Created with a stylish blackened steel guard (to protect the finish from harsh sea air) and a hand-forged carbon steel blade this cutlass sword is worth "walking the plank" for and is the perfect pirates companion for a "Night Raid". Sword comes complete with sheath. Blade: 1-1/8"W x 27"L. Overall length 33".Item #2050
Dusagge Cutlass Sword

This historical cutlass sword with its broad serrated and curved blade earned its reputation by being a most efficient weapon of early naval warfare. Carbon steel 30" long blade. Overall length is 37-3/4". Sheath included. Item #8808
European Brass Hilt Sabre

European Brass Hilt Sabre Sword circa: Early 1800's. The most common of all cavalry weapons of the 18th and 19th centuries was the sabre.This beautiful classic European swept hilt sabre boasts a solid twisted brass grip for a small hand. The 26" blade is high carbon steel. The overall length of this sword is 31". Sheath included. Item #8826
British Naval Cutlass Sword

British Naval Cutlass circa 1685. This stylish sword boasts a solid brass handguard and hardwood grip. The cutlass sword features a blade that is 28 in length". Overall sword size is 34-3/4". No sheath available with the sword. Item #8825
Studded Brass Cutlass

Sparkling brass studs encircle the rich brass basket of this naval cutlass while a wire wrap secures the grip. Blade: 1"W x 26-1/2"L. Overall length of 32-1/4". Sheath included. Item #8823
Sinbad Scimitar Sword

The high quality functional Ritter Steel blade is hand forged over hot coals, its beautiful wood handle is separated by brass spacers, the guard and pommel are hand cast out of solid brass. The overall length is 35-3/4", no sheath available with the sword Item #2006