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Medieval Swords
Our medieval swords cover the entire medieval period beggining in Dark Ages (Celtic and Viking swords) to the Renaissance (Landsknecht Flamberge). All of our swords are battle ready and functional. The swords were made using the techniques practice by sword makers during the medieval period.
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Knights of the Round Table Sword

Each Knights of the Round Table Sword has a individually hand cast solid brass guard and pommel and a dark ebony wood grip.The hand forged blade is 2" wide by 26" long. Overall length of 37-1/2". Leather sheath included. Item #2012
The Crusader Sword

The stylish guard is made of hand-cast solid brass as is the beautiful octagon pommel depicting the Crusader's Cross. The grip is made of polished ebony. Black leather over wood sheath included. Blade: 1-1/4"W x 27"L. Overall length 36". Item #2003
Lion Crest Sword

A solid hardwood handle covered in black leather is sectioned by solid brass spacers while a 27-1/2" long x 1-7/8" wide carbon steel functional blade with blood grooves makes this sword a must for every collector of medieval weaponry! The overall length of this well-balanced sword is 34-1/2", and includes a wood scabbard covered in black leather. Item #2001
The War Sword

The overall length of this mighty sword is 38-1/4" with a strong 27" hand forged heavy leaf carbon steel blade. Heavy brown leather scabbard included. Item #2013
The Warlord Sword

Each Warlord sword features a battle ready carbon steel forged flared blade is 2-5/8" at its widest point and reaches 34" in length. The unique brass guard and pommel is cast by hand and a heavy brown leather scabbard is included. Overall length is 47". Item #2008
The Lord of Kings Sword

The Lord of the Kings sword is 46" long and features a blade that is 36" long. The hand poured brass creates the gleaming pommel and guard. A swift and fully functional blade made for those who seek only the top of the line swords! Included is a custom fitted brown leather sheath. Blade: 1-5/8"W Overall length of 46". Item #2007
Two-Handed Bastard Sword

The blade of this two-handed longsword is 2" wide and 42" long. Overall length 56". No sheath is included with the sword. Item #2015
Two-Handed Wallace Claymore Sword

The blade is 1-3/4" wide and 42-1/2" long. Overall length 56-1/4". This sword was depicted in the movie about Sir William Wallace - Braveheart. Item #2014