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German Swords
We offer German swords that were used by Germans during the late Medieval Period and Renaissance.The first one is the German Wald sword that was used by hunters and the other is the German Landsknecht Flamberge used by German mercenaries.
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German Wald Sword

This German sword has been styled from an actual German hunting sword held in private collection. Swords such as these were carried for hunting and protection throughout the forests (Wald) with one hand making them a perfect riding weapon. The hand crafted twisted steel guard, segmented and etched wood grip with brass spacers add to the unique beauty of this quality functional sword. Leather sheath included. Blade is 1-1/4" wide and 30" long. The overall length of the Wald sword is 37-3/4". Item #2019
Great German Landsknecht Flamberge Sword

Our Rittersteel hand-made Flamberge sword has a fierce functional flamberge "wavy" handmade high carbon steel blade over 4-1/2 ft. long and forged over hot coals. It has an especially appealing design with a hand worked circular guard with joined rings at front and back along with swirled wrought iron side guards. Item #2630