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Celtic Swords
There were two types of Celtic swords - long ones and short ones. The blades of the swords featured a leaf shaped design. Their hilts had anthropomorphic design with the crossguard and the pommels that were U-shaped.
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Celtic Combat Sword

The functional Celtic sword has an overall length of 26-1/3" and possesses all the attributes needed for a true Celtic warrior to achieve glory and victory in battle! Heavy duty leather sheath for sword is included.Item #2002
Celtic Flame Sword

Celtic Sword with and overall length of 27-1/2", the blade is 2-1/4" wide and 18-1/2" long. The crescent design hilt is steeped in the richness of distinctive Celtic styling.Item #2017
Celtic Norse Sword

The Early Norse and Celtic people of the middle ages created simple, fully functional swords beautifully adorned with designs from their myths and legends. Blade is 1-7/8" wide and 26" long. Overall length 33". Leather sheath is included with the sword. Item #2045